Tell me about visual thinking

Through visualization we can connect concepts, find answers, make decisions and communicate them. Images inspire conversations and shared reflection to propell action and collaboration.

“VISUAL THINKING allows us to organize ideas through the use of pictures and conceptual maps… the more complex the idea, the more useful this technique is. Professionals of visual thinking get to the point, to the essence helping to highlight what really matters, synthesizing, composition and graphic consistency are our allies for developing understanding”  Elena Urizar

Some people call it the art of listening …


Next trainings

Everyone can draw using bikablo® methodology! Starting from basic shapes you will learn to present your ideas visually. It will help you improve any learning process, presentations, dialogues, facilitation and colaboration processes. And you will be able to start the next day!

Pushing transformation

We all agree that our reality is in constant change so learning to be flexible and searching for newmindsets will allow us to adapt to this evolution.

It is an exciting time but we must be aware that it is necessary to redesign everything: politics,
health, tourism, economy, environment, relationships, ways of working … Now more than ever wemust let the imagination fly and don´t bring old answers to new problems.

Stop, listen and reflect. There is no magic secret.

Just understanding and communication in complex and constantly evolving environments …