Tell me about visual thinking

Visualizing allows us to connect concepts, find answers, make decisions and communicate them and, as Brandy Agerbeck teaches us, puts thinking in our hands. Images inspire conversations and shared reflection to impulse action and collaboration.

VISUAL THINKING allows us to organize ideas through the use of schemes and conceptual maps… the more complex the task or idea, the more useful this technique is. If something we have in common all the professionals of visual thinking, says Elena Urizar, we get to the point, to the essence and help to highlight what really matters, the ability for synthesis, composition and graphic consistency are our allies for developing understanding.

Some people call this work the art of listening …


Why don’t we draw more?

Drawing has historically been associated with art and aesthetics ignoring all its other applications. So, with the exception of those whose drawing talent fits the canon or those with a bulletproof vocation, most of us conclude that “we do not know how to draw” or  “we are not good at it”; and abandon the practice forever.

Understanding visual thinking as a facilitator for communication and learning we discover that there are no “good or bad” drawings just useful drawings.

Visual literacy should occupy a primary position among the skills to develop the ability to learn.

bikablo® akademie a german company pioneer in the development of visual thinking and graphic facilitation has trained thousands of people around the world in the last decad and also continues to develop new services and products. 

It has created a methodology with proven results and accessible to everyone to teach how to use drawing is a communicative tool. A means to solve problems, visualize ideas, analyze them, improve them and share them with others.

In the last decade, bikablo® 

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Pushing transformation

We all agree that our reality is in constant change so learning to be flexible and searching for newmindsets will allow us to adapt to this evolution.

It is an exciting time but we must be aware that it is necessary to redesign everything: politics,
health, tourism, economy, environment, relationships, ways of working … Now more than ever wemust let the imagination fly and don´t bring old answers to new problems.

Stop, listen and reflect. There is no magic secret.

Just understanding and communication in complex and constantly evolving environments …